Kunda Village Ministry

Rwanda, Gisenyi

Kunda Village Construction worker

Handyman: Nzungu and Adolphe

Gospel Miracle Ministry

Kenya, Rusinga Island

Gospel Miracle Ministry

Umoja Children's Home

Kenya, Bomet

Children Bosto

A.G.C. Bosto Children's Home

Kenya, Bomet

Children Bosto


Senegal, Kaolack

Senegal Friends

In Africa, I was reliant on help from the inhabitants. Special thanks to the three men. They introduced me to the life of the african people. I could benefit a lot for myself and for the future.

African Living

West Africa, WandiaKhal


WandiaKhal is a small village somewhere in West Africa. At the market, I met Babakar, a man about the same age as me, who invited me to live at his home for the next days. From his workplace, we took a carriage pulled by a horse to his living area. His house includes three huts, one for himself, another for his wife and kids, and the third for old relatives. To cover the field, he built a wooden fence around it and claimed this small piece of land. At the back of his little hut, he connected a barn with food for his donkey and five goats. In a corner was also warm water in a big bowl with privacy protection to take a bath. In the middle of the area, he dug a deep hole where we could do our business.


Nigeria, Lagos

Family in Nigeria

That was a tough start in Nigeria. Thanks to Osaro and his wife to help me to progress.

Public Speaker

Senegal, M'bour


A wise man. We talked a lot about religions and current social issues. He always has an open door for the locals.

Travel Equipment

Africa, journey


The content of my backpack while I am traveling in Africa.

Side Note

Names and times are fictional.