Outdoor Festival

Switzerland, Bern

June 2018
At 06:00 AM, it was time for me to go sleeping. Brian was still on the dancefloor, the clothes full of mud and a bit dazed. He wanted me to stay but for the second night, but I needed during the day a time-out. Until lunch, I could sleep a bit. After that, I took a book in English out of my bag, which I had to read. In the next ten days, there were oral exams in different subjects. For all other reviews except English, all documents were ready. With a little effort, I could read a few chapters and taking notes.

Also, tonight I ate a lot of food before I went to the dancefloor. But tonight, everything will be different. We met all together in the tent at 09:00 PM and talked. We drank alcohol, rolled joints, and philosophized about everything. At 10:00 PM, one of my cousins, put out a new substance. He held a plastic bag with ten red beads in it. We did not know precisely what it was, and we thought about to cut them in half, but that was impossible. We could pulverize them, but after discussing for an hour or longer, we decided to go to the dancefloor first. I met for the last time Brian apart of the dancefloor and showed him the drugs, but he had no clue about it. Just before midnight, we met again in the tent. I have had enough of talking about it, and there was only one way to solve this. We could Interject it or dispose of it. The bead was so small we really thought we could handle it and eventually, almost all of us took one. The starting signal for the longest night had fallen…

Stage 01: Back on the floor, the only thing which had changed was that a farmer brought some straw to make the floor drier. About ten minutes, I had the drug in my mouth until I swallowed it or drop it out. After thirty minutes of no impact, I asked one of my friends if he felt anything different. He did, but he took a lot of other substances like MDMA and Cannabis, and It was difficult to find out, in which stage he was. Overall the atmosphere was excellent. Everybody was happy. Since over forty minutes had passed, I was looking for another bead. I met two of my cousins, and we took all a second. We were sober, optimistic, and unconcerned about it and thought it wouldn't matter that much. After the second take, I had slowly positive feelings. I felt more force in my upper arms as if they were hidden and would reveal themselves now. My cousins and I shared our euphoria, and we were sure nothing could change that this evening.

Stage 02: Meanwhile, it was already 01:15 AM, and I walked a bit away from the floor to the eating shelter. From there, I had a good overview, and I could observe hundreds of people dancing to the music...

Two famous music artists: Klopfgeister | Astrix


Czech Republic, Prague

Mai 2018
At 08:00 PM we were back at the club. I decided not to drink anymore for the rest of our stay in Prague. I could focus more on other things. Until 01:00 AM, I was together with my classmates, then I decided to go out and buy more drugs. One friend also wanted one small bag of it. I called the dealer, and it took him five minutes to come near the club. We walked down the alley and talked more about him and who he was. His name was Marc. He was around 34 years old and from Nigeria. I showed him a picture of cities. I also have visited in West Africa. Marc did not speak French; in Nigeria, some can speak English. He let his wife and kid in his hometown, only his brother, who also sold drugs, went with him to Prague. The drug business was too lucrative, and he had at least something to do now, in his hometown, many men are unemployed. After a long conversation, I bought eight small red balls. I said goodbye and went back to the club to sell most of my goods.

At 02:00 AM, I met my classmate and sold him one and was observing the first thirty minutes if the reaction was similar to mine. The effect was very positive, and I saw that after a while he had already a girlfriend for petting on the dancefloor. My other classmates were very skeptical and did not want to buy some amphetamines. Therefore I had to find out a way how to sell to strangers. I went to the toilet, and I tried to sell it there at the main door of the restroom. Most of the time, I failed, especially at the beginning. One guy was probably around twenty years old and from Northern Europa, and I thought he knew how to handle drugs but shacked his head and denied when I asked him.

Ten minutes later, I met my first client. He saw me trying to sell something and went together to a toilet and locked the door from inside. His name was Sven. He was a truck driver from Germany. He showed me that he bought some cocaine and wanted to share some of it with me. Cocaine was the most senseless drug I could take right now because I would not be able to sleep for the next forty hours, so much energy I would have. I denied it. I took my small balls out of my pocket and showed him how to handle my goods. He was uncertain about it, and I told him: “It just makes you happier and more communicative.” We bargained a half portion of it. He snorted it directly through the nose and left to the dancefloor. I followed him and caught a glimpse of my classmate, who still had fun with his new girlfriend.

Back at the restroom, I met two guys from Italy. One of them wanted to taste it. I tried to bargain about it, but they were so restrained that eventually, I had to leave them...

Camping at the lake

Switzerland, Kandersteg

October 2018
On Friday evening everything was prepared for our weekend trip to the famous lake “Oeschinensee” in the Swiss mountains. A quick Skype conversation with my three travel companions confirmed that we will meet tomorrow morning to check our equipment before we would take off. My anticipation was enormous not least because our last hike was already one year ago. It was to the Niederhorn where we also spent a night in our pitched tent.

On Saturday at 11:00 AM, the car was ready. We loaded up everything. It took us an hour to drive to Kandersteg, where our walk began. For this hike, we needed only two hours and about four hundred altitudes to overcome. It was comfortable, and we had still a lot of energy except for one of our fellows who did his first hike after years, but we motivated him, and he managed it.

In the afternoon we reached the famous lake and took a small break at the restaurant. The weather was sunny and the temperature around twenty degrees in the late summer. A lot of tourists enjoyed a day at the lake from all over the world. Years ago, most tourists were from different European countries, but these days Arabs and East Asians were strongly represented. We were not allowed to relax longer because we had to walk another thirty minutes to a hidden place. It was four o’clock when we arrived and pitched our tent.

Our oldest and most experienced was two months ago already at the same spot and deposit a wood saw behind a rock. Three of us went with it to the forest nearby. We cut a dead tree and chopped the wood for our campfire. Slowly the sun went down while we were gathering herbs for our dinner. Eventually, it was dark, and we sat together at the campfire to warm up ourselves. My friends brought a lot of barbecue and fresh vegetables. I used a pot and cooked my own noodle soup with mushrooms and the local herbs we recently had collected. My meal was sumptuous on carbs, and I got energy for the night. We shared a lot of old memories, tales, and plans. It was always essential for us to do such things. We could take time out of our daily business. For me personally, it was significant because the last years I was always abroad and used only the Internet for communication. After midnight we fell asleep in our sleeping bags. On Sunday morning, we woke up early and cleaned up our mess. Straight after it, we walked back to Kandersteg and drove home.