Weekend in Prague

Chapter 01

We mastered the final exams. In two weeks, we will get our certificates at the graduate party. Ten other classmates and I booked a few nights in Prague to celebrate. My schoolmates and I took a bus from Bern to Prague in the Czech Republic. The flat we rented had three bedrooms with always at least two beds. Two bathrooms, one contained a bathtub and the other one a toilet. One bathroom had a washer and a few clotheslines. In the kitchen, we could cook food to save some money. The oven and the dishwasher were also quite helpful. The apartment’s location was in the middle of the city, and if we needed some food urgently, we would buy it at the supermarket or from a fast-food vendor. Most of the bars and clubs were accessible on foot. We would only choose a taxi if we were lost.

Friday afternoon, we prepared for sleepless nights. Because we had only two apartment keys, we hid one and went all together for dinner. At 09:00 PM, we went to the first bar, drank some alcoholic beverages, and played swiss card games. At eleven o clock, we went to the first club, which we had chosen from the TripAdvisor app. We would start in this club almost every night for the next week. The first two nights were regular parties. We celebrated primarily until 05:00 AM and enjoyed what the club offered. After that, some of us went to other places until 09:00 AM, but we were all in the apartment to recover during the daytime.

After four days, six of us flew already home to Switzerland. So we were four left, and we had the apartment for us alone for another three days. Today was Tuesday, and one of my classmates started using the kitchen and cooking delicious food for dinner.

This evening back at the club were not many people, and I was not in the mood to drink.

At 01:00 AM, I went out of the club for a short break and met a dark-skinned man…

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