Lake Oeschinen

I went camping with family and friends on Lake Oeschinen in Kandersteg. We pitched tents, made a campfire, cooked soup and shared memories of the days when we were kids.

A weekend at the lake

Everything was prepared for our weekend trip to the famous lake “Oeschinensee” in the Swiss mountains on Friday evening. A quick Skype conversation with my three travel companions confirmed that we would meet tomorrow morning to check our equipment before taking off. My anticipation was enormous, not least because our last hike was already one year ago. It was at the Niederhorn, where we also spent a night in our pitched tent.

On Saturday at 11:00 AM, the car was ready. We loaded up everything. It took us an hour to drive to Kandersteg, where our walk began. This hike takes only two hours and about four hundred altitudes to overcome. It was comfortable, and we still had a lot of energy except for one of our fellows who did his first hike after years, but we motivated him, and he managed it.

In the afternoon we reached the famous lake and took a small break at the restaurant. The weather was sunny, and the temperature was around twenty degrees in the late summer. Many tourists enjoyed a day at the lake from all over the world. Most tourists were from different European countries, but Arabs and East Asians were strongly represented these days. Unfortunately, we could not relax longer because we had to walk another thirty minutes to a hidden place. It was four o’clock when we arrived and pitched our tent.

Our oldest and most experienced was already at the same spot two months ago and deposited a wood saw behind a rock. Three of us went with it to the forest nearby. We cut a dead tree and chopped the wood for our campfire. Slowly the sun went down while we were gathering herbs for our dinner. Eventually, it was dark, and we sat together at the campfire to warm up ourselves. My friends brought a lot of barbecue and fresh vegetables. I used a pot and cooked my noodle soup with mushrooms and local herbs picked in the area. My meal was rich in carbs, and I got energy for the night. We shared a lot of old memories, tales, and future plans. It was always essential for us to do such things. So we could take time out of our daily business. After midnight we crawled in our sleeping bags. On Sunday morning, we woke up early and cleaned up our mess. Straight after it, we walked back to Kandersteg and drove home.

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