A.G.C. Bosto Children’s Home

In November 2019, I visited for ten days Bomet in Kenya. Noah, the founder of Bosto Children’s Home, accepted immediately my inquiry to volunteer and record videos of the orphanage.

Me infront of the Children's home head office

My first lesson at Bosto Children’s Home was teaching gym classes to the kids who showed up at 08:00 AM on Monday. I usually get up at around 06:00 AM to do some morning fitness, either volleyball or football. There is a lot of free time for the kids at an orphan children’s home after they do their daily duties like washing clothes and dishes, cleaning toilets, cooking, etc. Sometimes I went with the boys to the cornfield to work, or we sat in the dining hall and talked a lot in English. From the 1st November until 1st January in Kenya are holidays and the kids of all ages have more time to work or stay at home to play. First and Secondary school was closed at that time. A few kids still do exams.

The infrastructure is straightforward. I slept in a room at Bosto Children’s Home together with Noah. They put a couple of beds into the building. There are no parties except on Sunday when almost the whole village meets at the nearest church to sing and fundraising.

The relationship between the staff and the host was pleasant. Noah drove me around in his car when I needed something.

I could do many activities in Bomet for free, like going to the waterfalls or eating dinner with Noah. One time we also visited his home, and I could sleep and eat there for free.

The primary language to communicate in is English with all the people I have met in Kenya so far. Swahili is the mother tongue they use to talk to each other or a local language.

Noah’s hospitality was excellent, and he was always looking after me. Unfortunately, I arrived when all kids from Bosto Children’s Home went home to their villages. He told me that some kids would stay at home, but it was almost empty. So he offered me to stay at his house for two days, and I could teach other kids in Umoja Children’s Home very close to Bosto Children’s Home. It was a mess initially, but after some days, I eventually had an excellent place to stay, and he was always around when I needed something.

Morning Fitness Session

Overview travel expenses from 1st until 10th November

  • Local bus from the airport to the hotel $1
  • One night at the hotel in Nairobi with breakfast $15
  • Mobile SIM and data packages $35
  • Personal expenses $8
  • Bus from Nairobi to Bomet $9
  • Small church donation $2
  • Total: $70

The host or his staff members always provide the food. Supermarkets are cheap, but local markets are my tip. Go together with a Kenyan friend for low prices. The only transportation from Children’s Homes to anywhere is by foot or by car. I called Noah, and we made an appointment when I wanted to go somewhere. Just make sure you make an appointment early in the morning because people are unpunctual in Africa. Usually, they arrive in the afternoon with excuses. African people have horrible time management. Check Easy Bus Coach for local bus prices so you don’t get ripped off.

I spent my free time with the kids walking around the Children’s Home or creating travel videos with my camera. For more content, you can watch the clips on my YouTube channel from the Children’s Homes.

I took this host because he was the first who replied to my application. I had the opportunity to start in Uganda, Rwanda, or Kenyan because I made an East African Tourist Visa at the Embassy in Switzerland months ago (~100USD).

Make sure that you travel light in Africa, and you can improvise a lot. Do not expect a prepared schedule for your work. You arrive at the host, and it is up to you what you will do in the following days or weeks.

I chose Worldpackers to travel because I want to learn new things and find my real purpose. It started with holidays in Asia, but it got annoying because I did not want to return to my old job after spending my money. With Worldpackers, I can travel cheap and long. I should stay in Africa for up to 6 months with my budget or even longer.

The most remarkable thing was spending time with kids of all ages.  At Children’s Home, kids from four years up to eighteen are usually present. It is a challenge to give classes to up to fifty kids. Every kid wanted to take part in what I was doing. Therefore, I chose gym glasses and talking English. It is a challenge to work with the locals but the experience is rewarding fro myself. I know it is challenging to lead an orphan’s home with many kids, and a lot of the infrastructure is in bad condition or unavailable.

I did not have a big culture shock because I’m used to living simply and without running water. Wait for the pray before you eat and only eat with your right hand.

I have improved my leading, English, and computer skills and tried out a lot of new work so far. In addition, I gained a lot of self-confidence with what I am doing because people told me that Africa is dangerous.

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