Trip to Asia 2023

I explain what kind of equipment I take with me for my trip to Nepal. My backpacker’s gear differs from all other types of travelers. I rely on basic stuff.

In May 2023, I started my journey in Asia to explore and share my adventure online. I’ve made a few backpacking trips already, but this one should differentiate from my previous ones. I use my black 24-liter backpack from Deuters.


Equipment for backpacking Asia


 All equipment shown in the picture fits into the backpack. The bag weighs 8kg.  



My 24L backpack

24-liter Deuters backpack

Rain cover


Sewing Kit


On my first backpack trip, which I had done in 2015 to Nepal during the earthquakes, I started with a 60l liters, which was too heavy to travel. Today I am at 24l, which gives me the most flexibility to travel independently.

The backpack includes a rain cover at the bottom and I put a few carabiners on it to attach my slippers and a bag with dirty clothes.

I am a very passionate backpacker and bring a sewing kit. This is necessary to stitch badges onto my backpack or fix clothes.


1 x long pants

4 x pair of socks

4 x underwear

3 x shirts

1 x sweater

1 x towel

2 x short pants

1 x cap

1 x belt

1 pair of slippers

1 pair of shoes

1 x rainjacket

I wear one set of clothes and the rest: a towel, three pairs of socks and underwear, two shirts, and one pair of short and long pants I put in my backpack or once they are dirty in a seperate cloth bag. In addition, depending on the season, I take a warm jacket with me against the cold.


Powerbank 28’000Ah

Computer mouse


Travel Adapter

Various Charging Cables

Nokia X20

Nokia 220

Sony Earplugs

Acer Laptop

Go Pro Hero 8

San Disks

I carry a lot of hardware to share online what I am doing. It takes up most of my backpack’s space and must be compact and qualitative.

I chose a laptop from Acer for numerous reasons. First, its weight is only 1kg! Second, it is easy to get additional cables anywhere cheap. Third, I broke my screen once in South Africa, and getting the exact model for replacing it was simple. Fourth, it comes with Windows, and many communities I work with are familiar with it or use a free Linux version.

I have used Nokia phones for photography for a long time and always use Dual SIM, which is very handy when you get a local SIM. Make sure your phone is unlocked to use any SIM card.

For vlogging I use a GoPro Hero 8.

Depending on your travel destination, bring a travel adapter.


Receipts of devices

US Dollars


Vaccination Card

International Driving License

Insurance which includes COVID-19

Health Declaration

Booking of Accommodation

Waterproof Paper Map

Traveling now in 2023 is still more expensive than before post-pandemic. I Check all the travel guidelines from the airline or the IATA Covid-19 Regulation Map, where they collect and update all data regularly. Do not forget about the Visa itself if you need one. When you arrive, try to fill out the forms online so the procedure is hassle-free.


Contact Lenses

Cleaning Solutions



Nail clipper

Medicine (Dafalgan)

Shaving bag


cloth / tissue

First Aid Kit

The toiletry bag varies the most among all travelers. However, if you forget things at home, you can get almost everything at your travel destination.




Swiss knife

Writing materials


The most helpful travel tools are still the basic ones. String and a knife are my favorites to travel like a backpacker. They are so simple, and they make a difference in many cases. I used string for a net to play volleyball with locals, hang my wet clothes to dry, or use it to set up a shelter. The tape I use to make sure no boxes or bottles leak.

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